Best Fundraising Events For Non-Profits

When it comes to finding the best fundraising events for non-profits, there are many great ways to go about it. Always start by assigning someone to be head of the fundraising aspect of the non-profit.This person should have great organizational skills as well as a plethora of ideas for fundraising.

Tag Sales
Whether it’s called a tag sale, a yard sale or a garage sale this is an ideal way to make some money for any group. Ask friends and family to donate nice usable items that they are no longer interested in.Best Fundraising Events

Have someone make signs and put them up regarding the date, time and reason for the sale. Spread the word far and wide. Take an ad out in the local newspaper and be sure to have plenty of local coverage.

On the date of the sale be there early Have everything clearly priced and make sure that there are plenty of helpers to load items, help with detailed information about the organization and to just assist customers.

Benefit Dinners
Benefit dinners are another ideal way to earn some money for a fundraiser. Find a venue that will donate the location and services and ready the troops.

Offer up a healthy yet inexpensive meal for donations. Typical meals are spaghetti feeds, lasagna feeds or tacos. Have a healthy salad to go alongside the meal.

Involve the organization to have everyone willing to serve the guests and make sure to have some stations set up that will show and demonstrate what the group does.

Don’t forget to have donation jars available and have a suggested dinner donation for guests. Typical suggested donations are anywhere from $10 per plate to $100 per plate.

Host A Concert
Gather up a group of singers or musicians and set up a concert. Invite the community and put on a show.

Have a suggested price for guests and plenty of information regarding the non-profit. Don’t forget to set out donation jars at every entrance for those who wish to donate more.

Plan this far enough in advance that the entire group can be involved. It should last at least one hour and a half but longer is always better.

Periodically, throughout the concert, make an announcement regarding the non-profit and why the benefit is so important.

These are some of the best fundraising events for any non-profit to drum up some support.

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